Handover Procedure

Handover & Aftercare Procedure
Harbour Court Affordable Housing & Chelsea Riverview Shared
Ownership Properties

1. SMC Homes

SMC Property strives for excellence and our teams work to the highest standards to ensure our residents can move into their new homes happily and quickly. Before the owners are handed the keys to a new home, our properties are checked by three individual teams, they will check every inch of your home to minimise disruption once you have moved in.

2. Benchmark Apartment

24-12 Weeks Before Completion;

SMC will invite the employers agent or tenants surveyor to review a Benchmark apartment, 1x affordable rent & 1x for Shared Ownership. Any comments or issues regarding those apartments should be raised in the meeting for discussion. Following the meeting, the below process will be followed:

  • A benchmark form will be sent to the employers agent or tenants surveyor to add comments and sign within 5 working days of the visit being carried out.
  • These comments will be provided to the contractor for review
  • The contractor will review and provide feedback to the comments raised to ensure an agreement can be reached. In the event the comments require changes to the apartment, additional costs may occur. The developer will inform and confirm these costs to the purchaser.
  • The benchmark apartment will be the basis for the completion of all other properties in this tenure.

    3. Snagging Procedure

    16-5 Weeks Before Completion; Snagging Inspection Invitation

    SMC will be in contact between 16-5 weeks before the anticipated completion date to invite you to carry out a snagging inspection. The inspection is the opportunity to raise any snags within the property.

    • The employer's agent or surveyor will complete a snagging inspection and will raise any snags through the Pro-Core system. The snags will be submitted through Pro-Core within 3 working days of the inspection. (Training on the system is available)
    • The developer and contractor will review the snag list and confirm when each snag has been dealt with.
    • The employer's agent or surveyor will then be invited to attend to a de-snag of the property.
    • The employer's agent or surveyor will confirm in writing and/or sign to confirm that the property is completed and accepted.
    • The door will be locked ready for legal completion.

    These time periods track the completion and enable enough time to snag each property as the floors are complete from bottom to top.

    4. 8-5 Weeks Before Completion

    Our team will contact you to confirm the anticipated completion date. It is at this stage that we will arrange the Handover meeting and New Home Demonstration date which can happen on or after the legal completion date. The following will be arranged:

    • Confirmation of anticipated Sales Completion
    • Handover Meeting & New Home Demonstration
      • 1x per Shared Ownership
      • 1x per Affordable Rent property.

    5. No less than 5 weeks Before Completion; Legal Notice to complete

    SMC’s Solicitor will serve a legal notice to completion to the buyer’s solicitor in accordance with the terms of the exchange. The Buyer will be given at least 5 weeks notice to complete the purchase of the properties.

    6. Handover Meeting & New Home Demonstration

    On the agreed handover date, a member of our customer care team will meet you at reception to take you up to the property. A new home demonstration will be carried out. In this meeting, the member of our customer care team will take you through the following information:

    • A demonstration of your new home
    • Keys & fobs are handed over (For every property of that type)
    • 3x apartment entrance door keys
    • 1x parking fob (if the unit has parking)
    • 3x access fobs
    • Meter readings are taken (if completed on the day of legal completion, the meters are digital and can be remotely read)
    • Any issues or questions can be raised

    The residents will be given access to all the documentation through the online portal. The login information will be provided on or before the handover date.

    • 1x per property for Shared Ownership

    Affordable Housing Completion Documents

    The developer will provide completion packs and O&M manuals for each affordable housing property in digital format. The link will be shared with the purchaser as soon as possible.

    7. After Care Service

    Our Responsibility

    SMC will give the buyer a comprehensive after-sales service for two years post legal completion. During this period the buyer is within their right to report any defects to the Developer to rectify. SMC will be responsible for rectifying defects or incomplete works including faults with appliances or electrical mechanical equipment (excluding wear and tear, misuse). SMC will ensure that snags and defects are resolved as soon as possible, and within a mutually agreed timescale.

    To contact our aftercare team please email or call:
    01784 454 829

    Please use the property address as the subject line and provide as much detail regarding the defect as possible.

    8. New Homes Warranty

    Our new homes come with a 12 year New Homes Warranty provided by Buildzone. This policy covers the following items:

    • Cost of complete or partial rebuilding or rectifying work to your new home or commercial unit which has been affected by major damage as defined in the Policy.
    • Cost of making good any defect in the design, materials, workmanship in the newly constructed drainage system for which you are responsible.
    • Costs of repairing, replacing or rectifying any part of the waterproof envelope of your new home or commercial unit as a result of ingress of water caused by a defect in the design, workmanship, materials or components of the waterproofing elements of the new development.
    • Cost of repairing or making good any defects in the chimneys and flues of the new development which are causing an imminent danger to the health and safety of occupants of the home or commercial unit.
    • Alternative accommodation costs and expenses in respect of removal and storage if your home or commercial unit is uninhabitable as a result of the insured defect.
    • Fees such as architects, surveyors, legal, consulting engineers and other fees necessarily and reasonably incurred by you in relation to the complete or partial rebuilding or rectifying work to your home or commercial unit.
    • Costs and expenses incurred by you for the removal of debris, dismantling or demolishing, and shoring up as a result of the insured defect.

    What is not covered:

    • Loss or damage due to or arising from any defects in any existing and/or retained structures and their retained component parts.
    • Loss or damage caused by normal settlement, drying out or natural shrinkage in the new development.
    • Loss or damage caused by or resulting from fire, lightning, explosion, typhoon, hurricane, cyclone, volcanic eruption, earthquake, storm, tempest, flood, riots?, subterranean fire or other convulsion of nature, aircraft or other aerial devices or articles therefrom, escapes of water from tanks, apparatus or pipes, malicious persons, theft, attempted theft or impact.
    • Fees incurred by you in preparing a claim.
    • Any legal liability you may have to third parties arising out of the use or ownership of the home or commercial unit.
    • Damage caused by movement and characteristic changes associated with the use of unseasoned timber within the new development.
    • Damage caused by sulphides/sulphates (e.g. pyrite).Change in colour, texture, opacity or staining or any other ageing process.
    • Wilful and malicious damage by you or any other party.
    • Wear and tear, toxic mould or mildew, action by or infestation of vermin or insects, atmospheric or climatic
    • conditions or gradual deterioration.
    • Property Cyber and Data loss, damage or liability.
    • Loss, damage, claim, cost or expenses caused by Communicable Disease.
    • Loss or damage, claim, cost or expense caused by or attributable to Asbestos.

    Further details of the insurance policy have been provided in your legal pack and will be provided in your Handover pack.

    9. Defects Management

    We know that sometimes despite our best efforts defects can occur. Our aftercare team is here to help and resolve any issues you have whilst the warranty is valid. We will provide each new homeowner with a 24 month warranty which commences from the date that you complete your purchase.

    In the event that you notice a defect within your property, please follow the below steps to register a defect:

    1. How to Register a Defect

    Any defects (issues with your property) should be reported to the after care team at customercare@SMCpropertyco.uk or call us on 01784 454 829. Please provide videos, photographs and any information required to make sure your defect is dealt with as quickly as possible.

    2. Rectifying Defects

    Defects should be reported to the customer care team as soon as possible via email with as much information as possible. Images and videos are very helpful and will ensure the defect is dealt with correctly and quickly. Once your defect has been logged onto the system, we will review the defect as quickly as possible to triage the seriousness of the defect and advise on the timescales for the rectification of the issue.

    The customer care team will keep up to date with the progress of your issue and will contact you to arrange access for the defect to be rectified.

    Please see the below information on timeframes & types of defects:

    Emergency Defects - 6 Hours

    Emergency defects should be reported to the customer care team and Concierge as soon as possible. Once the issue is reported, the defect will be made safe within 6 hours (if so required) and should be repaired within 5 business days. The list of emergency defects includes, but not limited to:

    • Loss of heating, hot water, electricity,
    • Uncontrollable leak
    • Loss of security (unable to open, close, lock doors or windows)
    • Blocked toilet (when only have 1 WC facility in property)

    Urgent Defects - The defect(s) will be within 7 business days

    Including, but not limited to:

    • Leak that can be contained (water dripping can be wiped or secured in a bowl)
    • Blocked toilet (when 2 WC facilities in property)

    Routine Defects - The defect(s) will be repaired within 28 days

    Including, but not limited to:

    • Cosmetic items (cracks/touch ups)
    • External items.
    • Low priority items may be left until EOD to be added to the list & completed.

    10. End of the Defects (EOD) Period

    Two months before the end of the defects period, we will arrange an End of Defects period inspection with our team, who will meet you at the property and run through any outstanding defects that need to be picked up.

    This meeting plays a crucial part of the process and will be beneficial to all parties. If for any reason you are unable to attend this meeting, please contact the team. We recommend that you will provide a list of your final defects prior to the meeting to enable a productive outcome. This list should include all outstanding issues with your property (internal/external).

    Following this meeting, a final list of all items will be compiled, this is called your ‘EOD list’. We will then contact you to arrange appointments to close remaining items. After each item is completed, the contractor completing the repair will ask you to sign to confirm your satisfaction with the making good. Once all items have been completed it is the resident’s/leaseholder’s responsibility to sign and date the list to agree that all items have been satisfactorily completed and the EOD list can be closed down.

    Please note: once items have been signed as complete, they cannot be reopened.

    11. Latent Defects - 12 Year Build Zone Warranty

    After your EOD, when your property is over 24 months old, you may find that an issue arises that was not evident during your warranty period or at your EOD meeting. A ‘latent defect’ is where the issue was there all along but does not show up until after the 24 month period has elapsed.

    If you suspect a latent defect report the issue as normal to the aftercare team and we will take the relevant action. We may send our surveyors to inspect the property to provide a report advising on the cause of the issue.

    If it is an emergency, please contact the customer care & concierge team, they will be on hand to provide urgent assistance if required.

    3. Caring for your New Home

    Please see the below guides to assist you and put your mind at ease and how to take care of your new home to keep it looking new.

    3.1. Cracks

    These will only be attended where there is a gap of 3mm or more (large enough to fit a £1 coin into the gap). If this is not the case, please do not be concerned about wider structural issues. It is very common to see cracks smaller than this in new builds as they occur while the building finishes drying out and settling over the first 12 months – they are called shrinkage cracks. These are easily dealt with while redecorating with a little decorator’s caulk and will be dealt with at the EOD period.

    3.2. Appliances

    Any issues with white goods, cookers and hobs (if supplied) cannot be repaired through the defects process as they are not the liability of the housebuilder, rather the manufacturer. Please contact the manufacturer requesting a repair under their warranty, and don’t forget to register the appliance to activate the warranty!

    3.3. Sealant/mastics

    These are perishable items that need renewing and therefore fall under homeowner maintenance so cannot be repaired through this process. Good cleaning regime can help to keep your sealant looking brand new.

    3.4. Paintwork

    These fall under homeowner maintenance (redecoration) unless making good is needed due to a defect such as leak/damp.

    3.5. Nail pops in plasterboard

    These fall under homeowner maintenance unless there are 6 in one piece of plasterboard and / or over 6+ in the property.

    12. Complaints Procedure

    SMC aims to provide a high standard of service, and takes all issues and complaints very seriously. It will always be our intention to comply with requirements of the Build Zone Code of Conduct, to work alongside you to resolve your complaint where possible and provide responses within appropriate timescales.

    How and where to escalate a Complaint:

    We kindly request that you put the details of your complaint in writing. This will ensure we have a full understanding of the reasons for your complaint which can be reviewed by the relevant person(s) or team. Please send your complaint in writing to:

    In writing:

    SMC Fulham Limited
    Chelsea Riverview
    The old Station
    Moor Lane
    TW18 1HB


    By email - complaints@SMCProperty.co.uk

    What happens next:

    1. A letter will be issued acknowledging the complaint within five days of receipt. SMC may also provide a clear timeframe for when the next response will be received.

    2. The complaint will be investigated further and reviewed by the relevant person or team. We may ask for further information and evidence, and on occasions it may be necessary to arrange a visit. In these situations, we will contact you within 10 working days to arrange a suitable time.

    3. A detailed written reply to the complaint will be sent to you, including suggestions for resolving the issue. We will aim to send this within 20 working days. The response will include one or more of the following:

    • An acceptance of the Complaint and what action SMC Fulham Ltd is going to take to resolve the issue(s) raised.
    • An estimated timescale for the work required to resolve the issue(s) raised.
    • A rejection of the Complaint and details of the reason(s) why the Complaint is rejected.
    • Details of any further investigation work necessary to determine the outcome of the Developer’s decision to either accept or reject the complaint, including timescales.
    • That a written final response will be provided as soon as possible after any further investigation has been carried out and that it will set out what part(s) of the Buyer’s Complaint SMC agrees with as well as (where appropriate), what part(s) SMC disagrees with and why.

    4. If you remain dissatisfied, the formal complaint will be escalated to the Head of Development who will aim to resolve your complaint within 10 working days and will be dealt with in line with Consumer Code for New Homes.

    If you are still dissatisfied:

    Our aim is to resolve all complaints. However, if you are still dissatisfied you may have the right to refer your complaint to the structural warranty provider, Build Zone.

    Structural Warranty Provider | 10 Year Warranty | Build Zone (build-zone.com)


    Please note all timescales on this document are approximate and the developer may contact you to arrange these meetings at times that are slightly different to the ones listed above. Building projects are a constantly evolving process and this can mean predicted timescales can change, we ask that our buyers keep this in mind. SMC will work to keep to these timescales wherever possible, however there are items that are outside our control.

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