Complaints Procedure

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SMC Property strives for excellence and our teams work to the highest standards to ensure our residents can move into their new homes happily and quickly. Before you are handed the keys to your new home, our properties are checked by three individual teams; they will check every inch of your home to minimise disruption once you have moved in.

After Care Service

Our Responsibility

SMC will give the Buyer a comprehensive after-sales procedure. During this period the buyer is within their right to report any snags to the Developer to rectify. SMC will be responsible for rectifying defects or incomplete works, including faults with appliances or electrical mechanical equipment (excluding wear and tear, misuse). SMC will ensure that snags and defects are resolved as soon as possible, and within a mutually agreed timescale.

To contact our aftercare team please email or call:


01784 454 829

Complaints Procedure

SMC aims to provide a high standard of service and takes all issues and complaints very seriously. It will always be our intention to comply with requirements of the Code of Conduct and to work alongside you to resolve your complaint where possible and provide responses within appropriate timescales.

How and where to escalate a Complaint:

We kindly request that you put the details of your complaint in writing. This will ensure we have a full understanding of the reasons for your complaint which can be reviewed by the relevant person(s) or team.

Please send your complaint in writing to:

In writing:

SMC Fulham Limited
Chelsea Riverview
The old Station
Moor Lane
TW18 1HB
By email - complaints@SMCProperty.co.uk
Call - 01784 454829

What happens next:

1. A letter will be issued acknowledging the complaint within five days of receipt. SMC may also provide a clear timeframe for when the next response will be received.

2. The complaint will be investigated further and reviewed by the relevant person or team. We may ask for further information and evidence, and on occasions it may be necessary to arrange a visit. In these situations we will contact you within 10 working days to arrange a suitable time.

3. A detailed written reply to the complaint will be sent to you, including suggestions for resolving the issue. We will aim to send this within 20 working days. The response will include one or more of the following:

  • An acceptance of the Complaint and what action SMC Property is going to take to resolve the issue(s) raised.
  • An estimated timescale for the work required to resolve the issue(s) raised.
  • A rejection of the Complaint and details of the reason(s) why the Complaint is rejected.
  • Details of any further investigation work necessary to determine the outcome of the Developer’s decision to either accept or reject the complaint, including timescales.
  • That a written final response will be provided as soon as possible after any further investigation has been carried out and that it will set out what part(s) of the Buyer’s Complaint SMC agrees with as well as (where appropriate), what part(s) SMC disagrees with and why.

4. If you remain dissatisfied at this, the formal complaint will be escalated to the Head of Development who will aim to resolve your complaint within 10 working days, and will be dealt with in line with Consumer Code for New Homes.

If you are still dissatisfied:

Our aim is to resolve all complaints. However, if you are still dissatisfied you may have the right to refer your complaint to the structural warranty provider, Build Zone.

Structural Warranty Provider | 10 Year Warranty | Build Zone (build-zone.com)

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